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Blonde hair is hot, I love blonde hair on myself and I love it on others! There is just something about it that’s so easy going. As a hairdresser I get to color a lot of blondes and one thing that always surprises me with new people is that they don’t know much about keeping their hair looking great till their next retouch appointment. Even if they have been blonde for years before they came to me.

I love when people compliment my hair even when I have a big out growth and say to me, “did you just get your hair done?” I feel like if all of your hair looks great in general the out growth isn't the main point. As long as the blonde itself still looks like the way you got it colored you are safe. But more times than not I see peoples color fades so drastically into a bright neon yellow or into a brassy blonde or just looks dull and lifeless. This doesn't have to happen; you can have pretty color all year round and even if you don’t get your hair colored as often. Below are a few reasons that can cause your color to fade and look bad:

What causes your blonde color to change or look bad?

  • Using a cheap shampoo that isn't sulfate free
  • Scolding hot water
  • Heat from sun or hot tools
  • Chlorine from our water source or swimming pools

blonde curly hair

a few steps that will help your blonde hair look amazing

  • Use a sulfate free color safe shampoo and conditioner. I love AG Colour safe shampoo and conditioner or Big Sexy hair Volumizing Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a color enhancing shampoo. You can use a purple shampoo if you want to see less of the golden tones in your hair color. Purple cancels out yellow tones. I love the one by AG-Silver because it’s gentle enough to keep the color from going ashy or grey. You can use it every other time or once a week depending on how cool you want your color to look. Since it’s important to shampoo your hair twice each time, you can use the purple shampoo on the second wash. 
  • If you want to enhance your gold hair color to be more golden or beige or sandy you can also use color enhancing shampoos to make your color pop. When I want my blonde to stay a shinny beige tone I use SunGlitz Beige color enhancing shampoo and it really works. It makes your hair super shinny and fills in your blonde hair color with beautiful tones.
  • Use a heat protector on your damp hair before blow drying. Even if you let it air dry still use the heat protector so that way when you curl or flat iron your hair it will be protected from damage.
  • Color lasts longer on healthy hair and most blondes go through a strong lightening process so do a hair mask once in a while to keep your hair stronger. AG Hair Mask did miracles on my hair.

All of these things combined will keep your hair looking amazing long after your hair appointment. I have some clients who come in for a touch up with amazing looking color because they take a few extra steps to keeping that color looking hot. Everything I mentioned above isn't going to cost you much more then the cheap drug store products. Professional shampoo and products are very concentrated and are made to last much longer. Ulta has great prices for all the products as well and if you are spending good money on going blonde it won’t hurt to spend a little more to keep it looking fresh till your next hair appointment.

Thanks for reading this article, please share it with the other Blondies out there and comment below if you found this helpful. 

Image credit: Daili Perez

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