My Oily Face needs something Matte

how do i fix my oily skin problems

Nothing is more annoying than when my face gets oily and my makeup just feels like it’s sliding off. After trying so many products out there for oily skin I have come to realize that I am doing it all wrong. Keep reading to learn all the tricks I have learned along the way to getting that oil under control.

By using all those products it only dried out my face so now my face was cracked while being oily. Then someone told me that my oily face is dehydrated and I need to treat it with moisturizers made for oily skin and not just products that will dry it out. Using products that dry out your skin is not the best way to reduce oil. Let me walk you through a few very important steps you need to take to help control problem skin.

It all starts with a good face wash

You don’t want your face wash to dry your skin out because that will cause more oil to your skin. There are a few face washes that I really love:

  1. Anna Lotan Clear Foam
  2. Dermalogica Clear Start Foam Wash
  3. Purpose gentle cleansing wash (you can get it in drug stores) it’s something I use while I’m waiting for my #1 to arrive if I ran out. But it still works and helps control my oily skin without drying it out.

Toners help a lot

Use a toner after every time you wash your face, toners help remove the excess makeup and oils off your face. And it also helps any open wounds from pimples to start the healing process and helps the bacteria from spreading. My favorite toner for oily to combination skin is also by Anna Lotan clear propolis lotion

Moisturize your oily skin

Remember oily skin can be dehydrated as well so make sure to use the correct lotion for your skin type. Even though my face is oily it tends to dry out so it becomes oily and dry at the same time. As soon as I started using Anna Lotan Clear skin balancer my skin changed. I no longer have dry skin, it looks more even than ever before. I am very pleased with Anna Lotan skin care line. I buy my products through a lady I know who lives by me. And sometimes I order from their site directly or Amazon.

SPF is your BFF

You must use SPF on your skin, this will protect your skin from bad sun rays, it will help keep your skin from age spots and it can even protect your life. Apply it to your skin even if you are at home. Sunscreens can be oily but I found a good one by Anna Lotan Clear protector oil free sunscreen gel spf 32 . It doesn’t make my face oily at all so this is the one for me. I love it.

And now you are ready to apply your makeup. All of these things put together will change your skin and you will have a new beautiful glow….not from oil but from a healthy natural glow. It took me lots of time and lots of embarrassing moments to realize I have to start taking care of my skin at any cost. I guess when you get a little older what is beautiful to you changes. I’m so happy these tips and products helped me achieve a more youthful look even though I just turned 30 years old.

Thank you for reading, let me know your favorite products for oily skin blow in the comment section. 

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