Is it worth spending money on hair products?

good hair products

Is it worth spending money on all those hair products out there? Should I just skip a few things and buy the basics? I guess that all depends on what kind of results you are looking for. If you are buying something cheap just to buy something, then I say, "yes skip it." But if you want better results then keep reading...

This is how I look at it, would I rather spend $15 on a meal that I am going to enjoy for a few minutes or would I rather spend $15 on hair products that are going to last me for months? I say the hair product benefits me more, and I know I won't regret it.

I enjoy styling my hair and taking care of it when I have the good stuff! I get so many compliments on my hair everywhere I go, and it's because I take care of it. I use the right shampoo and conditioner for my hair type; I apply root lifter for lots of volume and a shine serum to the rest of my hair for color and heat protection.


I’m not big on buying lots of different hair or skin products all the time. At this point in my life, I have already found what works great, and I stick to it. Now my goal is to pass on my little tips and tricks on to you so you can get the most for your hard earned money. I think once you do the research and educated yourself on products that work best for you, you will save more money in the long run. For instance, I feel better spending more on my shampoo from a professional line because I know it’s going to make my color last and will give my hair the effect I’m looking for. Before I used to just buy whatever I found, that was cheaper and ended up spending more money anyways because I had to find other products that would make my hair feel better.


Yes for me it’s worth spending money on the best hair and skin care products. They last me a long time and make me feel better about myself. I rather have one or two lip glosses that work great as opposed to 15 that just don’t do it for me. Remember good products will cost more because they have better ingredients in them so that’s where the phrase comes in, "you get more bang for your bucks". I hope this helps you feel better about buying products that are a little more expensive but that have better results. After a hairdresser styles your hair, it looks so good and healthy well, just imagine you can have the same on a daily basis with the right stuff as well!

Thank you for reading my hair product tips! Comments are always welcome, please tell me what you think.

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