My Favorite Foundation For Oily Skin

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face foundation for oily skin

Summer is here! And while warm seasons come with plenty of fun, rising temperatures also bring a whole new basket of beauty woes. My least favorite has always been attempting to discreetly dab off all that extra oil summer skin starts producing.

That’s because for the longest time, I was cursed with a pretty awful complexion. Dermis-related doctor visits plagued my childhood and then my face started sprouting pimples long before anyone else’s. While my skin finally cleared up by the time I’d turned 29, it’s still not perfect and requires the diligent use of some very specific products to stay calm and carry on.

Because necessity is the mother of all invention, my bad skin taught me some great tricks! (And no, it’s not blotting self-consciously every five minutes or caking on extra makeup.)

But First! Get Your Oil Levels In Check

I know — this post is about foundation, not skincare. However, as much as I’d love to just get right to it and tell you which foundation works best, oily skin needs a little extra care to achieve great results. I won’t go into details here, but to achieve your ultimate matte look, read my article on face wash and lotions that work great to combat oily skin.


A Foundation That Works

Oily skin is a pain in the face! I’ve personally tried almost every bottle and brand I could get my hands on — from drugstore cheapies to brand-name splurges (often from 40-60$ a pop!), all in hopes of achieving a matte finish past midday. While many felt nice at first application, even my extensive one-woman market research couldn’t beat that creeping shine caused by oily skin.

Finding My Holy-Grail Foundation

Four years ago my sister recommended Artistry foundation. At about 25-28$ per bottle, I figured it wasn’t too expensive and so gave it a shot.

I LOVE the Mattifying-yet-sheer look and buildable coverage without sacrificing shine control!

Ever since discovering their foundation, I’ve been a loyal Artistry fan. And even better than providing just a temporary fix, when I’m sure to take care and use the products mentioned in my oily skin care article and only this foundation, my skin has finally evolved to “normal” with just a tad of oil cropping up in my t-zone about 6-8 hours after foundation is applied.

Tried, Tested & Powder-Free

Another thing I love about wearing Artistry foundation is that I no longer have to rely on a powder to keep my face matte — not that I’m against it! I’d actually love to purchase a dainty powder compact for my purse. However, not needing a second step (because who really likes breaking out a compact and brush every time they need to combat shine?), has been a big relief. Now, I’ll just do a quick and discreet blot with a napkin midday. And if I’m going out later? I’ll reapply just the tiniest refresher wherever foundation may have faded.

makeup for oily skin

My Favorite Foundations From Artistry

Artistry Balancing Foundation: A silky-smooth, oil-free foundation.
● “Tri-Balance Complex” to restore skin’s equilibrium, including microsponge technology absorbs 600% of its weight in oil to control shine for up to 12 hours.
● SPF 20 sunscreen and “Veil of Protection” technology provide an exceptional defense against environmental damage, helping prevent the signs of premature aging.
● “Ideal Shade” technology intuitively adjusts to your skin tone for a flawless matte finish.

Artistry Hydrating Foundation: A satin-finish foundation to instantly moisturize and smooth your complexion.
● Artistry Nourish 3 Complex maintains skin’s optimal moisture levels for up to eight hours, plus light-scattering capabilities diminish the appearance of fine lines.
● Built-in SPF 20 and “Veil of Protection” technology helps to prevent the signs of premature aging by shielding skin from environmental damage.
● “Ideal Shade” technology ensures your complexion looks fresh, natural, and flawlessly radiant.

How I Use It

When I started using Artistry’s foundations, my skin was still oily and suffering from breakouts so I began with their Balancing Foundation. However, as my skin routine changed, so did my skin! As it began to heal and normalize, I incorporated a few pumps of the Hydration Foundation into my morning routine.

What’s great about blending these two foundations is that you can adjust on the fly depending on your skin’s mood. I used to use about three pumps of Balancing (their special base for oily skin), and now I’ve knocked that down to one — plus two pump of Hydration. I’ll mix the two bases together on my wrist before applying, to ensure even coverage with both. All my sisters and I are now die-hard Artistry fans — not only for the way our skin looks and feels, but the great price, to boot!

How to Choose the Perfect Shade for Your Skin

Artistry has a huge selection of shades, and their blends are pretty forgiving. However, selecting your perfect match online is still a bit tricky.

The good news is that if you’re not stoked on your match, it’s easy to exchange for another shade online. I used Natural for a time, but started boosting my skin tone with a self-tanner year round and have bumped up to Soleil for daily wear.

If I Knew Then What I Do Now

Artistry foundations have completely removed the stress out of warm weather makeup application for me! If you, or someone you know, struggles with the oily-skin-foundation-slide, give Artistry a shot — their products have helped me save face and some pocket money along the way!

Have you ever struggled with oily skin foundation or tried an Artistry product? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

Photo credit: Madeleine Keatingrubcha

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