The Ultimate Guide To Styling Hair For Men

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Just as much as guys like when girls have beautiful hair, us ladies love it when guys have their hair done and well maintained. Doing men’s hair I always get questions like what are the best products to use, how do I get my hair to stay in place, or why can’t I ever style it the way you do. Well, hopefully I can answer these questions for you today and make you realize that it’s actually not too difficult.


Choose the correct shampoo for your hair type

Thick and straight hair or curly hair – Use American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo and American Crew Daily Conditioner. Shampoo twice and squeeze out the water from your hair before applying Conditioner. Check out my How to Shampoo post for more tips on this.

Medium hair thickness – You can do the same as above or if you feel like your hair doesn't need moisture then just use the American Crew Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner. If your hair is short and you don’t feel like you need a conditioner then just skip it. But still shampoo your hair twice to get a better wash especially if you have a dirty job or strong hair products.

Thin hair or thinning hair – Use American Crew Anti-hair-loss Thickening Shampoo, and you can skip the conditioner because it might make your hair too greasy. You can shampoo your hair just one time since you probably shampoo your hair often enough. You don’t want to dry it out causing your scalp to produce more oil.

Oily scalp with dandruff  – Use American Crew Anti-Dandruff Sebum Control Shampoo. If your hair gets oily by the end of the day even after shampooing, try using a Dry Shampoo to freshen up your hair before going out again.

Problem scalp – If you have dandruff try the American Crew "Anti Dandruff" shampoo.

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There are so many products out there for men and so many different product lines on top of that. So what's the best one for you? I’ll list a few hair types and name a product type that I think would go best for you:

Thick and straight hair or curly hair – Gel styling products like American Crew Firm Styling Gel will work best for you. It works the best on damp hair.

Medium hair thickness – I have found American Crew Forming Cream is my favorite. It gives a slightly wet look while still giving it a finished look. I like to use it best on dry hair, but it can be applied to damp hair as well.

Thin or thinning hair – Don’t use a hair gel, when gel gets on your scalp it will reflect light always making your scalp shiny and giving more attention to it. For you my favorite is Fiber by American Crew, it gives a matte finish and makes the hair appear full.

I recommend American Crew products because it's what I have worked with the most and found they work great. However, if you like other product lines take these tips and look for similar products within different brands.


If you put a little of your product in your wet hair and then blow dry it in the direction you plan to style, your hair will hold longer. That is something I would do to your hair in the salon. For men who have thinner hair, this is very important. You can even just blow dry your hair with a little root lifter till it’s all the way dry and then use your product to style. That will make your hair feel and appear thicker.

It’s fun to see how much better a guy looks and feels after a fresh hair cut and a new hairdo they can keep up!

I hope this helps you style your hair with less hassle and better results. If I didn't answer a question you may have, please write me in the comment section below, and I’ll help you out.

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