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Dry shampoo is my favorite product in between my regular shampoos or for when I am traveling. Kenra Dry Shampoo can be used for a dry shampoo or a matte textured finish. No more reasons for oily, heavy or second day looking hair.

When I'm planning a trip...dry shampoo is first thing I throw in my bag. The last thing I would want is to get off a long flight and have my hair feel heavy or oily. My sister uses it after a long day of work if she wants to refresh her hair when she has to go somewhere right after.

Why I love it

I love the dry shampoo by Kena. It leaves your hair feeling amazing, as if you just washed it. Now you have no excuse for oily hair in between flights, at camp, or when your running late for work. And I love that this spray doesn't leave a powdered look like lots of other dry shampoos I've tried.

I did an experiment and used KMS Makeover Spray for 4 days and each day someone asked me if I just got my hair colored even though I had over an inch of outgrowth. Somehow to people my hair looked fresh. However after using dry shampoo by Kena, I feel it works even better. 

How to use it

Use it on oily hair, for some that may be the end of the day but they still plan on going out and want to refresh their hair if it's limp, flat and oily. For others it may be on the second day like for me. I normally wake up with my hair in a bun, I take out my bun and brush it out. Then I straighten my hair with a flat iron and lastly spray my roots with the dry shampoo and then I shake my head up and down for better distribution. You can also comb the spray through the hair if you like.

For someone who had to shampoo my hair every day I was shocked that my hair and scalp felt like it was literally washed. And after arriving in Ukraine after 17 hours in the air and layovers we still had to catch a train ride that was 11 hours long with my sister, thanks to my dry hair shampoo we managed to look and feel fresh when we finally met up with our friends!

Image  photography by  www.alinaphotos.com and Hair by Julia Belzetsky

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