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Who doesn't like their skin looking a little bronzy now and then? Personally for me it’s a year round must! No longer do you have to wait for the scolding sun or the tanning bed to get your glow or a tan. There are so many products out there so how do you know what’s good and what’s not? After all, based on each products advertisement it’s claimed to be the best right?

After using lots and lots of self tanners and bronzers and getting compliments on my tan – I have made my own conclusion. My favorite self tanning bronzing spray is Body Drench Quick Tan! The best part about it is that it contains a bronze in it. So when you spray it on your skin you can see exactly where it goes and how dark it’s coming on. Every time I use it someone always notices and says, “I like your skin color, or you look so nice and tan.” I don’t even use it very often maybe 2–3 times a week if I’m on top of it. But because it washes off so gradually and doesn't flake, I never worry about reapplying it until I notice I am getting a little pale.

How to use Quick Tanner Bronzing Spray with confidence 

I spray it on my face and neck because that’s where I’m the lightest but because it’s a spray it doesn't leave any harsh tan lines and blends nicely into the rest of my body.

Spray it all over your clean body from top to bottom if you like, you will see how it’s coming on and make your own adjustments. I know lots of girls who use it and they never seem to ask me how to use it after they use it once. I think everyone will have their own routine.

Remember because it does have bronze in it – that part washes off as soon as you shower but the self tanner stays on for a few washes depending on your skin.

Keep your skin hydrated with your favorite lotion because that helps the skin from flaking which could cause your tan to look less natural. My skin doesn't do that so my tan looks even as long as I reapply it 2–3 times a week.  But if I don’t, it just slowly washes off.

Also keep in mind if you are at the gym and sweating hard, the bronzer part will start leaking. You can pat it down and it won’t be noticeable but from my experience don’t wear light colors just in case (at the gym). Lots of times I’ll spray the Quick Tanner on at night and then take a shower in the morning and the bronzer will wash off but my tan stays. That way I never worry if I’m working out.

Use it less for a lighter effect or use if more often for a noticeable tan. You can use it every day if you like. You will see how it works for your skin individually.

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Now that you know all the little tricks 

You can get a perfect Quick Tan all year long! Whenever I get into the conversation of self tanners – Quick Tan always comes up over and over again confirming that it’s my favorite.

Let me know what your favorite self tanner is or what your experience with Quick Tan itself is. Or even if you got any bad self tanning stories I'd love for you to tell me below. Thank you for reading and please share with your friends if you found this helpful.

Product used

Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray Medium-Dark

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