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I’ve written an article “What Every Stylist Wished You Understood,” and now I would like to give clients the floor to give hairdressers some constructive criticism or just something you've always wanted to say. We all can use a little reminder here and there. 

Remember just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean that every hairstylist out there is like that; just like if I had a bad experience with one client, doesn’t mean all my clients are difficult. When I write I don’t ever want to hurt anyone’s feeling because I wouldn't in real life. I prefer to be considerate of the people around me. I’d love for my site to be a place where people can learn, so if you are someone who gets your hair done by a professional hairdresser I would like to create a place where you can say what you always wanted to say! (But in a nice way.) So a hairdresser can read it and say…"o man, I totally do that, Ok, I’m gonna stop!." Or maybe they can respond and explain it from their point of view. (Again, in a nice way)

it's about the overall experience 

If you had an awful experience and you were shocked at how you were treated write it in the comment section as well. A salon is not only about your hair but your overall experience. When I get my nails done I go to the girl who I connect with the most and who lets me tell her what I really think. As opposed to the one who makes me regret every word I say. 

Remember every stylist is a client as well. I get my hair done too. I remember I went to get my hair cut very short (for me), first time ever, and I asked my stylist to make sure that the front of my hair doesn’t get shorter than the rest. I explained and I know she understood. I didn’t want it very layered around my face. But guess what, it got cut right there, right where I didn’t want it and extra short. I had to stop her and ask her to not cut the other side. It looked fine because of the way I wore my hair but it took so long to grow back out. So things happen to stylist too when they get their hair done. So I do understand you from a clients perspective.

bad hair service

I also remember I used to go to this girl to get my hair highlighted. She did it so good, but one or two pieces were always a little too thick for me so I would go and have her put a lighter piece to break it up. Now I understand I was just a little crazy. Every foil or highlight is not going to turn out exactly the same size. But she was so nice; she would just redo it and she never said anything. That being said, I still wish she would have explained to me that it’s ok if every highlight is not the exact size especially since the picture I was bringing had different sizes in it as well. I would have understood I just took up her time or at least I would have a different way of looking at it. So sometimes there is an explanation that's worth listening to.

Why not just tell the truth

I think the worst thing is when someone is going through a big color change and the stylist doesn’t warn the client it’s not going to turn out like in the picture (if they know it won't). And at the end of the service when the hair is nothing like what the client wanted, the stylist says, “OH, that looks so good.” When let's say it actually looked bad, like green or something. 

I was working at this one salon and brought my friend in so I can color her hair while my manager was there so he could help me with the color formulation. I was doing a big color correction and I thought it would be great to get his expertise. So after I lightened her hair he helped formulate the toner. And the blonde hair turned a dark blonde with green in it. Visible green. He then comes up and say, “just foil over that and it will blend into the rest of the hair.” WHAT?! No, thank you! I will never do that. I just finished my friend’s hair at home. But that’s what I mean, don’t “say” something crazy right? Tell the truth. Say something like, “hey your hair is pulling green because of previous color (or in my friend's case because it was mixed wrong) I need more time to work on it,” or “your hair isn’t taking the color you want so we are going to have to take you a shade or two darker and try going a little lighter on your next appointment.”

I know my clients appreciate when I give them a full consultation and tell them all the risks when I am drastically changing their hair. That way when something doesn’t turn out, I warned them and they are not mad. They understand it’s a process. Well, most people don't get mad and most understand. 

We all have our good and bad days but some people have too many bad ones, and it can get a little unprofessional. 

So that is the kind of thing I’m talking about, I’d love to hear what you always wanted to say, or even if your friend told you something….write it below. Thanks for reading and please share. 

Photo credit: Viktor Hanáčekleafar

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