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Before and after pictures of hair using Olaplex

Have you ever gone into a salon wanting to change your hair color drastically because it was just that time? Only to walk out with something worse and on top of that you had to get lots of hair cut off due to damage?

If you read my article “What Every Stylist Wished You Understood,” I mention how hair works and why you can’t always get the hair of your dreams in just one session. But also your stylist can only push your hair so much before it starts to break or melt off. Our hair has bonds, and those bonds are broken when we infuse it with bleach and color. That’s why when you are doing a drastic change your hair can’t always handle it and starts to break. At that point, the hairdresser can’t keep going. They have to stop, and that’s why you didn't’t get the look you wanted.

Now you can have better results with Olaplex

Now that we have Olaplex we can push the envelope. If before I could only leave bleach in your hair for 2 hours, now I can leave it in much longer with less damage. Olaplex helps to rebuild the bonds of your hair while making them stronger than before. It works. I used it on many people and on myself. Top stylists have been testing this product for a while now and thanks to them for spreading the word, everyone is getting their hands on it as well. The company says, “It’s not magic”… And what they mean is; if your hair is at its worst point and you want to be platinum blonde going from black box color, it won’t happen. A good stylist will use their better judgment before jeopardizing their image and your hair for a quick buck. But it's definitely something new and amazing that we didn't have before. Check out the pictures and descriptions below, without Olaplex the hair would be very damaged after the makeover. 

How to fix damaged hair after bleaching hairHow to fix box colored hairgo blonde without damaging my hair

How Olaplex is applied

Olaplex is a 3 step process.

  • Your stylist adds it to your lightener (bleach) or your hair color
  • After your color service is complete, the Bond Perfector is applied and left on for 10+ min.
  • And you get to take some home to do an at home treatment for maximum results.

What if your hair is damaged, you don’t want it colored but you want the treatment?

This would be a perfect treatment for you. Find a salon that carries Olaplex and ask for the treatment on its own and remember to get some to take home with you. Everyone does it different, I charge less for the service and give clients the at home step as a one-time use. Someone else might build the full bottle into the price. I had the Olaplex treatment done to my hair a day before I went to get my hair lightened and 3.5 hours later of going lighter and a hair cut, my hair felt healthy.

Where to get it and price points

This is a relatively new product so not all salons carry it yet, but you can just call around and ask. The price point ranges from $40-70 per treatment. That will probably depend on how much is needed for your hair and if they are building the full bottle of the at home treatment into the price.

Is there a noticeable difference?

Yes. After your hair is blow dried, it looks smoother right away even if you just did a big color service that technically is supposed to create more damage to your hair. But most importantly, it protects your hair from breaking and making it stronger than it was before. Hair is easier to comb through, and your ends look less damaged. And did I mention it helps your color last longer as well? I used Olaplex on my client while taking her platinum blonde for 3 hours, and we didn't’t even trim or flat iron her hair in the end. (picture below)

platinum hair color on long hair

If you had the Olaplex treatment done to your hair, please comment below on your experience. If you are a stylist and you want to add to this article, please do so in the comments and tell others what you think about this product. Thank you for reading and please share. 

Photo credit: Virginiasav, Aurastvital, Hair_maven808, Shurie, Kennaleeann

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