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dark violet hair color and loose curls

Why does celebrities’ hair always look so good even when they are just walking around or shopping? Do they always have a personal stylist for every day? The truth is no. But I can guarantee you they are all using the products their stylist recommended so they can maintain that beautiful look as if they just walked out of a salon.

Most people don’t know how to achieve salon looking hair at home so clients tend to ask me, “Why does my hair look so full and shinny when I leave the salon but I can never make it look that amazing at home?” I always tell them to just use what products I used on them that day and they will achieve the same dramatic results at home. I also use professional products in my hair and my hair stays full and shinny how I like it. It feels great when people see my hair and ask me how I get it to look that way. It’s possible to achieve this on your own every time you style your hair. Here's how:

Buy all the products your stylist used on you

If you like how your hair looks and feels after you leave the salon be sure to ask your stylist what they used on your hair that day and purchase all those things to get the same results. If you are not ready for that or can’t afford it, write everything down for yourself and that way you can always get it later.

Ask how to apply the products

Ask your stylist to walk you through as they are applying the products so you don’t get confused later. Don’t forget to ask what shampoo and conditioner they used on you as well. It really makes a big difference if you are using the entire recommended hair products for your hair type. If you start switching what they used on you to something generic you won’t have the same look as when you walked out. All shine serums are not equal and neither are the rest of the products.

If you return to buy the products, I recommend buying them from the stylist who used them on you and next time when you return let them know what you think after using the products for a while. Maybe you will realize something that doesn't work for you or maybe you will love it and tell all your friends about it. Your stylist will be glad to know you are taking care of your hair. If you feel their salon prices are high just ask for a list of all the products they used and try buying them at Ulta, they have good prices. As a stylist I just want my clients to have good hair and use the best products weather they buy it from me or not.

It’s not as hard as you think

Adding these products to your hair won’t take up too much of your time and you will see the results you are looking for. It doesn’t take me more than a minute to add product to my hair after I get out of the shower. Of course I understand that sometimes stylist do a blow out and flat iron or curls while they are styling your hair but without the products your hair still wouldn’t look as amazing. Even if you are just blow drying your hair at home you still need a good shine serum with heat protector and a root lifter to keep your hair into place.

With these simple steps you will be able to keep your beautiful style longer then just after your salon visit. Check it my post with pictures of clients who styled their own hair. That just shows me again that people can achieve salon looking hair every day. It feels really good to know that you helped someone have hair that looks like they just walked out of a salon.

Photo credit: marinka23 on Instagram

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