Is Your Shampoo Causing Your Hair Color To Fade?

what makes hair color fade

You might say, “I already spent all this money to get my hair colored, and now I have to buy a salon quality shampoo and conditioner as well?” Keep reading and see if it’s worth it to you.

Truthfully if your hair color fades quickly, you will need a fresh hair color, and your stylist will make more money faster as well. So if your stylist is telling you to invest in a color safe shampoo, you should feel lucky that you have someone who cares.

Without out a good working color safe shampoo, your color will fade much faster. If you are paying for your hair color, you should also invest in something that helps it last. Professional shampoo’s last about three times longer than your typical cheap shampoo so you are only paying more up front.

What causes hair color to fade?

  • Sulfates in our shampoo: Lots of shampoos carry sulfate in them. It’s to make your product foam better and sometimes it’s just used as a filler. AG Colour Safe Shampoo is Sulfate free. If your hair is colored, always buy shampoo that is sulfate free.
  • Washing your hair right after a hair appointment: That causes hair to fade quicker as well. Wait at least a day before washing it. The product has to seep into your hair a little before it is safe to wash it again.
  • Hot water: Just like we use scolding hot water to wash out greasy pans, the same happens to our hair color when you use hot water to clean it. Try turning down the heat a little to prevent hair color from fading.
  • Styling tools and the sun: I have seen the color of my curtains change because of the hot sun, so what’s to say for our hair? Use a heat protector all over your damp hair before blow drying and or using any hot tools. A good one will have UV protection in it as well, and that will protect it from the sun.

beachy waves on caramel copper hair color

Use products that work

The real reason I love AG shampoo and conditioner is because it works! Most of my clients use this particular set over and over because they feel a difference in their hair from the first wash.  When doing a very long and challenging color service where I know it’s going to cause damage, I let my clients know that your hair will be more damaged than when you came in because we are doing a long service to lighten your hair. However, when you leave, your hair will appear very healthy because I’m going to use the best products to rehydrate it and get its shine back. Don’t mistake that for your hair being that healthy. It is the product that makes it look and feel so great. If you are not going to use something of this quality at home your hair will not look this way so don’t be shocked. Be extra gentle with it. 

This is probably one of the only shampoo and conditioner sets that I would say can work on any hair type. You can use this even if you have all natural virgin hair. You won’t hear me saying this much because I think it’s important to choose the right product for your particular hair type. However, in this case, I’m giving the green light.

How often should I change out my shampoo

I’m not someone who likes to waste stuff; I don’t go out and buy a new shampoo or whatever every time. I know what I like and stick to it. I know we always heard our hair can get used to the same shampoo, and we should change it out, but I have not found that to be true on my hair. I have used the same shampoo for maybe three years now, and once in a while I’ll use a color enhancing shampoo. And maybe occasionally I’ll test out a new shampoo for a couple days and at that point I miss my regular one. Being a hairdresser for almost eight years now I have tried quite a few products and glad that AG is one of those brands I keep using. If something works and saves me a lot of headaches it’s for me!

AG Colour Savour shampoo

  • Safe and sulfate free
  • Softens your hair
  • Gently cleansed hair with a rich, luxurious lather
  • Provides both UV and free radical protection
  • Shampoo’s that are not sulfate free will strip your hair of color faster

AG Colour Savour conditioner

  • It has a thick creamy consistency and smells amazing
  • Contains a blend of protein, amino acids and moisturizers to feed, repair and revitalize coloured hair
  • Hydrates your hair without weighing it down (very true)
  • Also includes both UV and free radical protection by AG’s exclusive CARE Complex

Where to get it

You can get AG shampoo and conditioner from Loxa Beauty or Ulta

There are lot's of good products out there, but ALL products are not equal! There is stuff that works and there is stuff that's simply a waste of money!

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you prolong that beautiful hair color!

Have you tried this shampoo and conditioner? If so what’s your experience with it? Is there shampoo that you can’t live without and why?

Photo credit: Hair by Julia Belzetsky

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