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I love having hair that is shiny, beautiful and full of life. Getting compliments on my hair is a normal thing and taking care of it has never been so motivating. It's not hard to add extra shine to your hair so just follow the tips I have and start feeling even better about your hair.

I love hair that looks like it’s full of life! Not all of us have the hair of our dreams but we all can make the hair we do have healthy and shiny. I love when people tell me my hair looks so healthy and pretty. I remember someone who came in to get their hair cut and her hair looked so broken on the bottom, cutting 4 inches off wouldn’t even get it even. And this girl only colored her hair 2 or 3 times a year to just a solid color. So I always wondered why her hair is breaking so much. Then I recommended for her to try my favorite shine serum and next time she came back for a hair cut her hair no longer was chipping. It looked less damaged so she didn’t as need much cut off.

Shine serums that work 

My favorite is Loma Organics Nourishing Oil Treatment and I’ll be talking about it bellow. But a few other really good oils are:

Benefits of a shine serum

A good hair serum is important to use, it protects your hair from your hot tools. It strengthens and repairs your hair from pervious damage. The Keratin protein reconstructs and restores shine to dull hair. I also feel like it fills in the cuticles of my hair and makes my hair feel more full and thicker. One time I decided to try blow drying my hair without shine serum and it didn’t feel as full and was very unmanageable.

How to use it

I apply it to clean damp hair right after I take my towel off my hair. I pour a quarter size amount on my hand and apply it to my hair. I put it on from the ends to the middle of my hair. You don’t need to put it into your roots because your scalp already produces natural oils and hair is naturally much more healthier as it gets closer to the scalp. However, if your hair is ruined due to over processed chemical services you can apply it where the damage is. Don’t worry this oily is very light weight and doesn’t weigh hair down or make it greasy. There is no need to apply it to dry hair unless you have thicker hair…than a little extra shine won’t hurt.

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How to select the best shine serum

A little trick to selecting a good oil is applying it to the back of your hand. If the oil absorbs into your skin it will also absorb into your hair and that’s the goal. If it stays on the back of your hand like an oily spot it’s possible it will do the same on your hair. You want good oil that absorbs into your hair shafts and not one that just sits on the outside. 

Most of my clients use Loma Pearatin shine serum and I get amazing feedback from them. Lots of them tell me how people approach them and compliment how beautiful and healthy their hair looks. And even to those that are a platinum blonde and supposedly supposed to have damaged hair. If you end up using this oil I would love to hear your feed back below in the comments section or write to me on my email I hope this helps you have great hair and gives you more motivated to maintain a healthy glow.

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Image credits: Keti Topuria Second image Hair by Julia Belzetsky

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