Hair Tips For the Bride To Be


As the wedding season approaches, busy brides have more on their mind than hair. "However, what’s the number one thing I hear former brides say they would take a time-machine to go back and change? Nope, never the bridesmaid dresses or seating arrangements... It's the hair! Really, nearly every bride wishes she could go back and change her big-day hairstyle."

How To Avoid A Haircut From Hell


Let me start by saying that I don’t think any hairdresser in the world purposely wants to cut your hair the opposite of what you are asking! I think there is a miscommunication going on and at times even some arrogance and some are just better than others. Very sad but very true! Let me help you ask for what you want and be on the same page with your stylist. 

Is Your Shampoo Causing Your Hair Color To Fade?


You might say, “I already spent all this money to get my hair colored, and now I have to buy a salon quality shampoo and conditioner as well?” Keep reading and see if it’s worth it to you.

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