Why Hairdressers Push Professional Hair Products


There are so many beauty products being advertised every day and it’s so confusing as to know what works and what doesn’t. Endorsing products is so popular right now, and our favorite celebrities and bloggers are doing it. So what’s real and what’s not?


How To Deal With Dandruff


Nobody wants additional problems in life and let’s face it; dandruff is one of them. You are lucky if you have a mild case of it but if it’s more severe others might see it as well. Let me give you a few tips on how to deal with this and hopefully eliminate one extra problem from your life.

Fall Favorite Nail Polish Colors


Every season we look forward to something new and for girls it’s definitely changing up our accessories! Check out my four favorite nail polishes and a few tips on applying your polish more effectively.

3 Tips To Properly Schedule Your Hair Appointment


Booking your hair appointment can get a little confusing. Maybe it doesn't make sense why you are being asked all these questions when all you want are some highlights. I’ll try to answer those questions and give you a few tips on how to book your appointment and get the most out of it.

What Clients Want Their Stylist To Know


I’ve written an article “What Every Stylist Wished You Understood,” and now I would like to give clients the floor to give hairdressers some constructive criticism or just something you've always wanted to say. We all can use a little reminder here and there. 

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