The Ultimate Guide To Styling Hair For Men


Just as much as guys like when girls have beautiful hair, us ladies love it when guys have their hair done and well maintained. Doing men’s hair I always get questions like what are the best products to use, how do I get my hair to stay in place, or why can’t I ever style it the way you do. Well, hopefully I can answer these questions for you today and make you realize that it’s actually not too difficult.

No More Double The Trouble For Big Curly Hair


Big curly hair is super sexy but it’s also double the trouble. Should you rock your natural curls or should you straighten them out? What products work best and why is it so complicating to find something that works?

5 Top Celebrity Hair Pictures During Salon Visits


It’s a known fact that celebrities have the best hair color and styles! That’s why over and over again clients bring their favorite celebrity pictures to their hair appointments.

Blondes Only


Blonde hair is hot, I love blonde hair on myself and I love it on others! There is just something about it that’s so easy going. As a hairdresser I get to color a lot of blondes and one thing that always surprises me with new people is that they don’t know much about keeping their hair looking great till their next retouch appointment. Even if they have been blonde for years before they came to me.

High Maintenance Redhead


Are you a high maintenance redhead? Do you have vibrant hair color that keeps fading? If so then join the high maintenance hair color club. wink This is normal because of the way red hair color is formulated but there is good news, I can help you make it last longer.

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