The Truth About Tanning Beds: Safe or Life-Threatening?


Now that fall is here and that gorgeous summer glow is about to fade from your skin, almost everyone has given good ol’ tanning beds a thought.

I mean, have you ever met someone who doesn’t love to be tan? I haven’t! Unless you have a medical condition or are one of the lucky few who can rock pearly white skin, then you’ve probably contemplated using a tanning bed.

Pore Minimizing Solutions


Pores! They’re just something you’d like to see a little less of, am I right? The worst is when you snap a super cute picture, and they suddenly appear ten times larger, making you want to immediately press delete.

Protecting Your Eyes With Sunglasses


A glance, a wink, even a “smize!”—so much can be said (and read) through eye contact, which is all the more reason to keep your peepers looking youthful and bright.

A How To Groom Breakdown For Every Teen


From childhood and preteen times to teenage years and even as young adults, our bodies go through some pretty big changes. But whether it’s acne or greasy hair, the changes you’re facing don’t have to be terrifying! Your teenage years are also a great time to learn some tips and tricks to look your best that can help you long after you’re over the awkward stages of growing up.

My Favorite Foundation For Oily Skin


Summer is here! And while warm seasons come with plenty of fun, rising temperatures also bring a whole new basket of beauty woes. My least favorite has always been attempting to discreetly dab off all that extra oil summer skin starts producing.

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