The Perfect Face Wash For Oily Skin

Face wash for oily skin

If I love something I want to tell everyone about it. After having such problem skin all of my life and trying everything out there I have found what works and I’m so excited to tell you about it.

My favorite face wash for oily problem skin is Anna Lotan Mineral Liquid soap. A year and a half ago, one of my clients who is also a nurse recommend some good skin care products that she uses to tackle many skin problems. So I gave it a try and started using Anna Lotan face products, I started seeing changes in my skin immediately.

I had acne since I was 11 years old and it finally cleared up at age 29. Now I’m 30 years old and finally feel better about my skin. I’m happy but I hope nobody has to go through that themselves. Or even worse when I see teens or young adults with problem skin. I want to tell them, don't spend your money on coffee but get something that will help your skin and boost your self esteem. And then get coffee wink because it's amazing. 

I see a huge difference in my skin when I use it. There are other things of course you should do with your skin on a daily basis, check out my article Daily Skin Regimen on another website. The daily skin regimen can by implemented by anyone. 

About the amazing face wash 

The Mineral Liquid Soap has rich mineral complex of Dead Sea combined with carefully selected herbs (sage, hypericum, althea, chamomile, colfsfoot and yarrow) It's paraben free and It is a product of Israel. 

Who should use it?

Anyone can use it especially if you have oily skin or acne. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients you should consult your doctor. It doesn't make your skin feel tight and dry like some soap for oily skin. It’s a very gentle cleanser with a subtle pleasant sent.

How to use it?

Wet your face with warm water, lather the soap on your hands first and then onto your face in circular motion. Then rinse. I would repeat this step if you wear makeup to make sure it all came off. I only use half a pump of soap per wash. The soap gets most of my eye makeup off as well but sometimes if your makeup is water proof you might need a makeup remover. You should wash your face every morning and night.

Where to get it?

I used to get mine from my client and the last few times I ordered it from Amazon. It takes a while to arrive but it’s an amazing deal.

How much is it?

Llast time I got it on Amazon for $19 + shipping and it’s huge for a face wash. This one was 500ml and before I used to buy half the size for much more. It doesn't specify on the page what size it is but even if you get a smaller size for that price it's still an amazing deal. 

Why do i like it so much?

I have used so many face washes out there, they all removed my makeup but none actually helped start the healing process of my skin. My skin is sensitive to perfumes and most products have so much of it in there my face itches and burns. The Anna Lotan face wash helps control my oily skin without drying it out. I look forward to washing my face every morning and night.

Is there is a face wash that helped transform your skin? I would love to hear about it below or if you use this Anna Lotan Face wash now – please share your experience with it.

Art on main image by Angela Belzetsky

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