How To Avoid A Haircut From Hell


Let me start by saying that I don’t think any hairdresser in the world purposely wants to cut your hair the opposite of what you are asking! I think there is a miscommunication going on and at times even some arrogance and some are just better than others. Very sad but very true! Let me help you ask for what you want and be on the same page with your stylist. 

Is Your Shampoo Causing Your Hair Color To Fade?


You might say, “I already spent all this money to get my hair colored, and now I have to buy a salon quality shampoo and conditioner as well?” Keep reading and see if it’s worth it to you.

Blow Dry Your Hair In Half The Time


Do you dread washing your hair because of how long it takes to dry and style it after? I know I do! Having tools that work and get the job done in less time is something anyone could wish for. When you go the store and see 20 blow dryers how do you know which one to buy? Hopefully, my observation will help with some of these questions.

Sultra The Seductress Flat Iron


A flat iron is one of those things that you plan to keep for long time! They usually are not that cheap so making the right decision on your purchase is kind of important on this one. Let me give you some helpful tips on flat irons and what to avoid.

I Scream For Eye Cream


It’s no secret that people want to look younger, healthier and at their very best and more than ever we have all the tools to achieve our desires.

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