The Truth About Tanning Beds: Safe or Life-Threatening?


Now that fall is here and that gorgeous summer glow is about to fade from your skin, almost everyone has given good ol’ tanning beds a thought.

I mean, have you ever met someone who doesn’t love to be tan? I haven’t! Unless you have a medical condition or are one of the lucky few who can rock pearly white skin, then you’ve probably contemplated using a tanning bed.

How To Grow As A New Stylist


Comparing yourself to a stylist who’s made it big time can feel overwhelming. You might find yourself questioning if it’s even possible to get to that level! And if so… how long will it take?  Even wondering what they could have done to be so successful?

Dying To Stay Natural? How To Keep Unprocessed Hair Looking Great!


When you think about all the things that can make good hair look bad, your thoughts might automatically go to color and chemical processing. In fact, we’re often told to give our strands “a break” and go au natural.

But, what if your natural hair doesn’t look that great? And is natural hair automatically healthier?

Pore Minimizing Solutions


Pores! They’re just something you’d like to see a little less of, am I right? The worst is when you snap a super cute picture, and they suddenly appear ten times larger, making you want to immediately press delete.

Plump Up Your Kisser! Everything You Need to Know About Lip Fillers.


Here’s a fun topic! One that comes up often, since I do women’s hair all day long. (And one of my favorite, I might add!)

Lip fillers—who’s had it done, who we think has had it done, and even who overdid it and looks kinda bad.

Even aside from the juicy gossip, almost everyone wants to know how it works, where to get it, and whether or not lip fillers are safe. Because I think most of us have wanted to enhance what our mamas gave us, I thought I’d dish a little info on plumping up your pout.

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