Nail Polish Tips

Get the most out of your nail polish and learn how to keep it from drying out as fast. Most people throw away their nail polish when it's about half way done or when it starts to get a little thick or better yet, they keep it cause they feel bad tossing it. It's why we all have a huge collection of polishes we never use.

Roll the nail polish

First of all don't shake your nail polish, it creates little air bubbles when you apply polish to your nails. Instead gently roll your nail polishes between the palms of your hands before using them.

OPI nail polish thinner

Do not add nail polish remover to your nail polishes. Nail polish remover is made to remove the polish, not to thin it out. Pouring nail polish remover to your nail polishes creates the polish to separate. Try using nail lacquer thinner by OPI. A few drops to the nail polish does the trick.

Product used

Nail lacquer thinner by OPI

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