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A new way of washing your feet will keep your toe nails much healthier and sexier. We sometimes neglect washing specifically our toes and under our nails and we see lots of people with big problems later down the road. You can prevent that with a little tender love and care.

13 months in cosmetology school you see everything! I remember in class I put tape on all the pictures of nail bacteria so I would never have to see that. And the only way I was able to give pedicures was to soak the feet first and then scrub very well with the little manicure brush. You would be surprised how much better the nails looked and were so much easier to work with. 

Don't forget to wash your toes and around the toe nails with a small brush at the end of showering. It will help loosen your cuticles from growing half way on your nail if you're not getting regular pedicures. Brushing around and under the toes will keep them clean and will keep bacteria away. Apply a little bit of body wash to the brush and scrub to keep your toe nails healthy and sexy.

Imagine wearing socks and shoes all day, it gets warm in there and bacteria is living happily ever after. You might say I wear flip flops all day...well okay then, your open toes and nails are really close to the ground in that case so that's probably even worse then the warm socks and shoes. A little scrubbing with a little brush and soap can be a quick new way to keep our toe nails in better condition for the future.

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