The Hair Color Transformation Challenge

the hair color transformation challenge

Ever wonder how your hair has changed over the years? Was it always great, or was there a time where you thought "What was I thinking"? Where you going for a hair transformation, or did you simply want to update your look? Well, whatever the cause or the outcome, we want to see it! Read on to accept the Hair Color Transformation Challenge!

 Let’s call it the “hair color transformation challenge,” and lets start with you! Want to have even more fun, start tagging your friends and invite them to eccept the Hair Color Transformation!

Rules for the Hair Color Transformation Challenge

  1. Post as many pictures as you like in a collage of all the different hair colors or haircuts you had. (A good app for that is the Instagram Collage app).
  2. Tag a friend or as many people as you like and say “I challenge you on the hair color transformation challenge. Or say anything to get them to go next.
  3. Use Hashtag #haircolortransformationchallenge
  4. Also if you like you can give your hairdresser a shout out and tag them for doing a great job on all the hair styles you had.

Hairdressers take it to the next level

Hairdressers take this challenge to the next level and offer a prize to your clients for having the most fun transformation.

  • Start by posting your own Hair Color Transformation collage and then encourage your clients to post their own hair color transformation collage tagging you and using the hashtag #haircolortransformationchallenge
  • You can copy and paste this: Hey guys let’s play the #haircolortransformationchallenge. Post all the hair colors you had in a collage and tag a couple of your friends to go next. Tag me in your post so I can see.
  • Offer a prize for the most interesting one or partner with a company for a grand prize giveaway, make up your own rules on who they must follow or tag to enter your giveaway.

We are always changing

There are clients who change their hair every 3 months sometimes or go from dark hair to blonde so how fun would it be to see that transformation. Challenge your parents or the older generation to find their hair from back in the day and make a collage. I would love to see my mom’s hair from when she was 20 to how it looks now. I think at 20 years old and at 60 years old it looks great but everything in between I don’t know about that.

Start looking for those hair pictures of yours and don’t forget to use hashtag #haircolortransformationchallenge and tag a couple friends to go next. Enjoy!

Photo credit: estherfit, Hair by Julia Belzetsky


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