Real vs Fake Hair Products

Believe it or not but fake hair products do exist. Just like knock off brand name hand bags we have knock off hair products as well. 

 I found a deal on the web that I knew was a scam. Just to show you what I'm talking about I made the purchase. I lost money but it was totally worth it! I ordered one of my favorite hair products from that of course as I thought was fake!

Fake Schwarzkopf OSIS DUST IT powder

I receive the order super fast with free shipping but when I opened the box, the fake OSIS dust it powder was literally flying in my loft. I think there is bits of feathers or some sort of flakes in it. It feels like it's deluded with who knows what. The red container looks so alike to the real OSIS product that even I wouldn't be able to tell, if I didn't have the original and fake side by side. On the back of professional hair products it says "sold only in professional salons." I would stick to buying hair products from salons or licensed on line retailers so you get your money's worth. 

Real Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It vs fake

With hair products, you want to buy it from someone you trust and where you know it won't be old and expired. By the way, when I tried to return the fake product, the sellers response was, “Hello friend! Factory production is the same quality, thank you.” I'm not surprised at that response, I guess i can use it as a prank for dandruff.

Product used

Schwarzkopf OSIS DUST IT powder

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