Lips, Nails, & Eyes! 9 Trending Makeup Colors for Fall 2015

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While it’s tough to say goodbye to summer weather, fall 2015’s makeup trends are easy to get excited about. Rich, velvety shades of red, versatile violets, and dramatic black—all easier to love than your go-to pumpkin spice latte! From the tips of our fingers to the tops of our heads, here are some on-trend colors to wear this fall.

It’s All About the Lips!

I haven’t been brave enough to wear this season’s dark lips yet. But when my friends do, I think it looks awesome! These three are popping up as the most popular lipstick colors for fall 2015:

1. NARS Scarlet Empress
2. MAC Cunning
3. MAC Violetta

Nails Nails Nails

Nothing feels sexier than nails that are neatly painted dark red, burgundy or purple. And, while I love both short and long nail-lengths, it helps that these beautiful, rich shades look especially great with a shorter manicure that’s easier to maintain. These three colors are especially hot this fall, and are an inexpensive way to keep up with the seasons sultrier looks:

1.  MAC Nail Lacquer Vintage Vamp
2. CHANEL Vendetta
3. OPI Regally Yours

Dark, Inky Eyeshadows Add Impact

If you’ve got brown, green, or hazel eyes—this season is your time to shine! Fall’s trendy dark eyeshadows have tints of red, bringing out the gold or emerald hue in your eyes. While I’m not brave enough to pair a burgundy eyeshadow with burgundy lips, it’s certainly a bold statement and fitting for the color changing season!

1. FIERCE MAGENTA Sinful Burgundy 
2. SMASHBOX Cabernet
3. MAC Deep Damson

Now that you’re armed with a list of fall’s hottest hues and products, make like the leaves and change up your makeup! You’ll join the ranks of confident fashionistas in no time.

What are some of your favorite beauty products this fall? Thanks for reading and comment below! 

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