5 steps to achieving bigger hair

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For those of us who don’t have super thick hair we want it! We want volume on top, we want big hair! Big hair just looks great and screams; “Today is going to be a good day!” By the end of this aricle you're going to know the tricks and tips of bigger looking hair. 

People who want big hair don’t know what products and techniques to use for the most volume their hair can get. Yes everyone’s hair is different and some hair holds volume better and some doesn’t but we all can do things to improve the volume in our hair. I’ve heard girls saying “wow I wish I can get my hair that big on my own.” Well you can! I do! And nobody styles my hair for me. 

Use the correct volumizing products for your hair type to get the most volume out of your hair. It all begins by using some good hair products. You need good products and supplies to create anything great. Well same goes for hair. Big hair starts with using the right products. And then we can add the correct technique and way of styling it. Take a look at these 5 very practical steps: 

Step 1 – Use the correct shampoo for your hair type

Just to keep things simple if you want volume at the roots then don’t over moisturize your hair at the top in your root area. AG Colour Safe is a good shampoo anyone can use with any hair type. Especially if you have colored hair, medium-thick hair, curly hair or damaged hair that is any texture. It saves your color, keeps hair healthy and doesn’t weigh it down like a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you have thin hair I would recommend using a volumizing shampoo that is also color safe like the one by Big Sexy Hair. Not all volumizing shampoos are color safe, so if you need to protect your color keep that in mind.  

Also shampoo and condition your hair the correct way. I talk about it in my How to Shampoo post.  This is a very important step, believe it or not but most people are doing it wrong and that will affect the volume.

Step 2 – Use a root lifter (very important)

Apply a root lifter, volumizer or moose to the roots on your clean damp hair. Just part your hair section by section and spray the volumizer where you want the volume aiming at the scalp area. Root lifters are like a hair spray but for wet hair. It helps prepair the hair so it can actually hold volume when you blow dry. My 2 most favorites are:

They work amazingly giving volume at the root. And the best part, the next day hair doesn't feel sticky. I feel like my hair stays cleaner longer as well. Don't be scared to spray it alot. I spray it about 10 times every time I use it. 

Step 3 – Always apply a heat protector or shine serum

I always apply Loma Pearatin to damp clean hair from the middle of my hair length and down. You can go higher up with this serum but don’t rub it into your scalp. The scalp produces natural oils so the hair at the root is naturally more moisturized. This shine serum fits any hair type from fine to thick. Don’t be scared that it will make your hair oily because it won't. It helps fill in the broken hair shafts and makes your hair feel more full while acting as a heat protector.

Step 4 – Now you are ready to blow dry

You can blow dry your hair right after you applied all your hair products or after it air dries just a little. I put on my make up first then blow dry my hair and I still get big volume. Blow dry your hair using a brush or comb (apply tension) directing the air and hair in the opposite way of where you want the volume. So if you want the back of your hair to have volume blow dry that section upside down. If you want the sides to have volume then start blow drying them side to side. 

Blow dry your hair until you roots are 100 percent dry so that it doesn’t get damaged when you are ready to use hot tools. You can always use a round brush for maximum results if you can manage it. My little tip is to get all the ends 80 percent dry then work on the roots, that way the hair won’t tangle in the round brush. 

Step 5 – Finish it off and set it

Now that your hair is 100 percent dry you can finish off with flat ironing or curling it. Only flat iron your hair where it’s needed. I do just the ends of my hair where it’s frizzy and around my face. If you flat iron at the root hair loses its volume. And last but not least use hair spray to set your style in place. I hair spray the top of my hair then when it’s dry I bush out the ends so my hair keeps its natural movement.

You are ready to start your big hair days 

These products and techniques can be applied to any hair type. I use this on all my clients and all my sisters and I do the same thing. People always ask me how I get my hair to have such good shape with volume. So there it is above. Very simple, doesn’t take any more time then you probably already spend on your hair. I’ve just given you my few specific favorite products and tricks for volume. I hope you love it and I hope it gives you the results you have been looking for.

If you have any special tips or secrets on how you get your hair big please leave a comment or let me know how this advice worked out for you. I know of lots of people who use all of recommended products in their hair and are very happy with their bigger hair days.

Photo credit : Samantha Ravendahl on Instagram

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