How To Wear Your Second Day Hair

how do i style my second day hair

Some people love that second day hair but for me it was always a struggle. The only thing I could do to it was wash and style it all over again. What a hassle! I hated it and when you are out and about in public, greasy hair isn't always an option.

The older and wiser I got the more I would discover on how to make my hair last a little longer. Or maybe I just got sneaky. Anyways let me pass on the good news to you, if you have oily hair I think you can get away without washing it every single day. But before I tell you what to do with your second day hair, let me give you a few tips on what to do with it in the first place. If you are not doing the right things to your hair from the beginning, the second day will be even harder. 

4 Tips that will make your hair less greasy

  1. I always use a Volumizing Shampoo. Anything else makes my hair even oilier. My favorite one is Sebastian Volupt Shampoo. If you have colored hair and don’t want your color to fade look for one that is color safe and sulfate free like Big Sexy Hair Color Safe Volumizing Shampoo. Personally I don’t mind if my hair color fades, I get highlights and a toner and when my toner fades my hair just gets lighter. Remember to shampoo twice, if you want to know more on how to properly shampoo your hair check out my article How To Shampoo.
  2. Even though I have oily hair I still use a conditioner every time. I use the one by Sebastian as well – Sebastian Volupt Conditioner. If you feel your hair is damaged or too dry from previous hair services, you should use AG-Colour Savour Conditioner. It will repair your hair without making it oily. If you are still nervous then just make sure you are applying it the correct way. Squeeze out all the water from your hair and apply only to the ends. That way your roots will not get oily.  
  3. Apply root lifter on damp hair to the roots area. I do it right after I take the towel off my head. My ultimate favorite is Rusk-Thick Body and Texture Amplifier and I also love It’s a 10- Miracle Blow Dry Volumizer. Volumizers help keep your roots dry. They are not just for volume. But when your hair has volume it and isn't’t laying so flat on your head, the oil doesn't’t touch the hair as much and that helps keep it from getting so oily as well.
  4. Always use a shine serum with heat protector to prevent damage to your ends. Loma Pearatin Repairative Serum is the best one if you have oily hair. It’s very gentle and will not make your hair oily. Apply it to the ends of your hair after you applied your root lifter. This will also help your hair look good the next day. Second day hair tends to look extra dry so this will keep it looking fresh. This can be used on any hair texture in any condition. 

what do i do with my second day hair

What do I do with my second day hair?

Weather you have greasy hair or not you can apply my routine to any hair type. Here are a few steps you can apply to get that hair looking good the next day:

  • Before going to bed I always put my hair up in a bun. I’m not worried about it getting creased because I know how to get it out. (keep reading) But if I want it to look extra volumized and fresh I leave it down when I sleep.
  • In the morning I take off my hair scrunchy and gently brush out my hair with a wide tooth comb. If you are not gentle brushing your knots out you can cause damage to your hair.
  • Next I take a round brush and blow dry my creases out pulling away from the hair. I use hot heat because I feel it works better and trust me if you were using your flat iron to this, your flat iron would be hotter. I do this until most of the creases on my roots are gone, especially in the back. If I were to skip this step and just flat iron it all out then my hair would get very flat.
  • Now that my hair isn't’t all crazy looking I would flat iron anything else that needs to be smoothed out. I use the one by Sultra on the fine setting. Always start your flat iron on a low setting and then work your way up if you feel you need to. 
  • And my last step would be to use a dry shampoo that would absorb all the oils in my hair. This is important. I love when I can tell people this is my 2nd or 3rd day hair and they are shocked. I love Kenra Dry Shampoo. I have used so many of them and this one is my #1. People also tell me they really love the ones by Batiste. They come in many colors and blend nicely into your hair. With the Kenra one I sometimes have to comb it through well to get rid of the powdery look but it’s worth it because it works so well.
  • If you plan to curl your hair then use the dry shampoo first and then curl your hair. I feel like you can get away with this even more when curling your hair. It somehow looks less oily that way.
  • If you plan to wear your hair in a bun that day, spray dry shampoo on the outside of your hair where it will be visible and brush it through. No need to have a greasy bun or ponytail. You can keep your hair looking matte at the roots for a clean hair day look.

Third day hair?

Not a problem, just repeat the steps above. I went a few days like this and nobody ever knew. Except when I tell people and I do that a lot. Girls say, “your hair looks so hot!” I can’t not say, “ya this is my 3rd day hair!”

If you have any sneaky tricked up your sleeves regarding 2nd day hair please comment below. Thanks for reading and please share. 

Image credits: mark sebastian, christopher macsurak

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