How To Keep Your Curly Hair Straight

how to straighten out curly hair

Tired of doing a daily battle with your curls? Even if your hair isn't super curly, it's still a task to keep strands straight after flat ironing. If your hair is curly and coarse? I don’t have to tell you about the major effort required to maintain a sleek look for longer than an hour.

But you don’t need to live with frizz! It might be hard to believe, but the right products are really the answer to streamlining your routine for curly hair care.

Avoid The Hassle

When my sister was in high school, she would drive home every lunch break just to re-flat iron her hair. If she didn’t, it would curl up only on one side, making her look like she forgot to style half her head.
That might sounds silly to straight-haired ladies. But if you have the same problem of curly hair turning into a flat, frizzy mess, you understand the effort.

Fast forward to eight years ago, when I was in cosmetology school

I was introduced the brand AG and learned about their produce, called AG-Set It Straight. I had my sister use it and her problem was immediately gone! No more hair curling back up after she would straighten it out. Who would have thought that a little bottle could do that?

The truth is, there are good companies who create products to help you deal with your particular needs. If your hair curls back up, I would try AG’s entire line that is targeted to smooth your hair out, as it contains agents that fight humidity and keep your hair smoother than you’d believe.

Good Products Get the Job Done, and Then Some

After I’d just came across AG-Set It Straight, I used it on a lady who came into the cosmetology school right before jetting off to Vegas later in the day.

When she returned from her trip, she told me how her luggage had been lost with all her products inside! Instead of panicking, she’d simply decided to skip washing her hair for the few days she was there.

And to her surprise her hair stayed straight the whole time.

I was shocked, too. She had medium coarse, curly hair which isn’t exactly a breeze to keep straight. Hearing that the product I’d recommended had such great staying power made my day, and ever since then I recommend this stuff to my clients who travel to humid climates.

If you want to try the full line from AG's Smooth collection for smooth, sleek, frizz-free hair, you can explore the entire list below. If you’d like to start slow with only a few expert styling solutions, at least try numbers one through four for the most powerful frizz fighting solutions:

  1. SMOOOTH Sulfate-Free Argan & Coconut Shampoo: Shampoo hair twice for best results
  2. SLEEEK Argan & Coconut Conditioner: Squeeze out water and apply conditioner
  3. SET IT STRAIGHT Argan Straightening Lotion: Apply a quarter size or more all over your clean, damp hair
  4. THE OIL Smoothing Oil: Apply a dime size or more, working your way from the bottom up — but don't rub it into your roots or too close to your face! This also goes on damp clean hair and can be used again on dry hair if you choose to only try items one through four.
  5. FIREWALL Argan Flat Iron Spray: Spray all over dry hair remembering to get on the bottom sections, too. Then flat iron your hair.
  6. BALM Argan Shine And Frizz Control: Rub a small amount on hair and work into areas that might still be frizzy
  7. FRIZZPROOF Argan Anti-Humidity Spray: Spray all over hair, including the roots to seal in your style and all the goodness

You Know Your Naturally Curly Hair is Beautiful

But that’s no reason not to have fun exploring different styles, including straight, for days that you don’t feel like embracing the wave. I love seeing how much more my clients enjoy experimenting with their hair once they find what works best for their personal style.

Want more tips how to deal with those curls? Check out my article NO MORE DOUBLE THE TROUBLE FOR BIG CURLY HAIR and remember that it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

Thank you for reading and please share if you found this helpful or comment below if you have any more questions!

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