How To Create Loose Curls

how to get loose curls

How awesome would it be to curl your hair in a way that makes people stop and ask how you got those lovely loose curls! Well, this is very possible, easy to do and the results are very effortless.

Everybody wants that loose curl that looks like we just rolled out of bed and magically got that beautiful hair.  Well don’t worry, it can happen with a little bit of styling products and the right curler.

Back to Basics

Fist it’s important to make sure your hair has all the right stuff in it. Besides a good shampoo and a conditioner, I recommend using a shine serum or a repairative serum to protect your hair from damage caused by heat. A good serum will work as a heat protector. Don’t be scared of this, it will only strengthen your hair and keep it healthy. My favorite one is by Loma, it will never leave your hair greasy. You apply it to damp clean hair working your way from the ends to the middle of your hair. No need to apply it to your roots, our hair is already much healthier there. Then blow dry, but make sure it’s 100% dry or the heat from the curling iron will cause your hair to burn if it isn't
all the way dry.

The Magic Wand

I’m in love with the Sultra Bombshell 1” Wand. You can get the most natural beachy loose curls with it or a nice tight curl as well. It heats up read quick and also shuts off on it’s on if you forgot, just don’t count on that and turn off your curler but It has saved me couple times.

medium length bob on blonde hair

How To Curl The Hair

Take a thicker section of hair and wrap around the wand. I hold for 3 seconds for a loose curl or about 7 seconds with more tension for a tighter curl.

Sultra seductress curling wand

Make Your Curl Last

Clients often tell me that their hair won’t hold a curl for long but don’t worry there is a way. Product is essential, it’s what makes the hair look from OK to Amazing!

Try using the Paul Mitchelle Hot Off The Press Spray. It gives you a firm hold on your curls; it works as a heat protector and your hair does not feel stiff with it. It goes on your dry hair before you curl it. I usually just spray it all over and in the underneath sections and then curl the hair.

If you want that extra hold, use a hairspray at the end to set the curls. Do not spray each section after curling it, that will weigh down your curls. Wait until the end when your curls have cooled off and spray all over then let it fully dry and spray more if you like after.

Now you know how to get those beautiful curls with the right tool and products that give you lasting results. Thank you for reading and please share. 

Photo credit: Hair by Julia Belzetsky check me out on Instagram, click the link. 

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