How To Avoid A Haircut From Hell

Avoid a bad hair cut

Let me start by saying that I don’t think any hairdresser in the world purposely wants to cut your hair the opposite of what you are asking! I think there is a miscommunication going on and at times even some arrogance and some are just better than others. Very sad but very true! Let me help you ask for what you want and be on the same page with your stylist. 

A Haircut is one of those things that once it’s messed up you either have to cut even more off to fix it or grow it back out. I can deal with my hair color not turning out exactly what I have envisioned because I understand that someone can’t replicate a picture I like onto my hair every single time. And I know that even if I as a stylist am almost certain I can achieve the results a client wants, for hair color it can go wrong due to a few factors. However, a haircut, I would love for a stylist to be honest up front and tell me the truth beforehand and not after. Infact, if it's something you don't know how to cut just tell me right? Keep reading for a few tips that can make a world of difference! 

Bring an inspiration picture

A picture is just that, an inspiration picture. Of course, the goal is to give you the hair you want but it’s not always in your hairdressers’ power if your hair texture or thickness will not give you the results you are looking for.

We are all the same, we find a picture of hair we love and we bring it to our stylist. And that’s okay but keep in mind, that hair in the picture might not look the same on you. It is important to find a picture of hair that resembles your hair texture and fullness as close as possible. Because let’s say the layers on thick hair will not look the same as the layers on thin hair. I would understand what you are trying to ask for, but your haircut won’t look how you expect it based on the picture. And you might leave disappointed. It’s nice when a stylist can explain to you before they start that it will look different on you, but that doesn't always happen.

Ask for a cut with style

Some salons only offer a cut plus style as one set price, while others offer a cut and style as separate charges and many people choose to just do the cut. If you bring any picture to show your stylist, I bet the hair will be styled in there. It’s almost impossible to finish the haircut if it isn’t styled in the end. Salons give the client to choose to style or not to style but to save that $15-$25 or whatever you are only cutting yourself short. If you are getting a styled hair cut that is not just a trim, I would always ask for a cut and style. Remember to mention you want a cut plus style while booking your appointment. If you didn't pre-book it, your stylist probably wouldn't have time to fit it in. Sometimes hairdressers are booked back to back and by you not booking your appointment correctly you may cause the next client to wait longer. People get babysitters and take time off work sometimes to get in with their stylist so a stylist is considerate of that and might not be able to add a service you didn't pre-book for.

Avoid a bad haircut experience

The best thing you could do is go to someone your trust with your hair cut. The key word is TRUST. If you are asking your stylist to cut your bangs like in the picture and the hairdresser is saying you don’t have as much hair around your face or forehead; than your bangs will not look like that in the end. You have to trust them that after your bangs are cut they will look nothing like in that picture. Again, why would a hairdresser not want your bangs to look how you want them? I had people direct practically their full haircut before and honestly it looked bad in the end, I was so stressed out and I can’t take the blame for it. I told someone once; you just used my hands and gave yourself that haircut. That’s not correct. And no client is ever going to admit that to their friends if they ask who did that to your hair?! They are not going to say. "Oh, I had my stylist cut my hair as I was pointing to every strand I wanted cut." I had that happen like three times, and no one was happy in the end. You have to believe your stylist when they are telling you realistic things on why something might not work for you. It’s all about the trust. 

You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for sounds horrible in this instance right? I agree, but let me explain why, unfortunately, this applies at times in this situation. A hairstylist who is very good at what they do and who takes the time and money to educate themselves is going to move up to work in a higher paying salon. Someone who has no interest in growing in this industry is not going to take the time to educate themselves on new techniques and haircuts you might be asking for. To them, it might just be a regular job, and they don’t have the passion for working their way up to a higher paying clientele. However, if your budget doesn't allow you to go pay $45-$100 for a haircut, it doesn't mean you are going to get a bad one. But you do have to try to find someone who is good and passionate at their job. There are people who charge way more and still can do a bad haircut. I have seen them as well. I know someone who went to a very popular chain salon for haircuts, paid $50, and I can’t believe they cut her hair so bad every time (the main image is her hair). And I hear these stories all the time.

Haircut vs Trim

People often say I don’t want a cut, I just want a trim! I understand you mean you want a little off. But to lots of people they think if they ask for a trim it will cost less. The process is the same if you get an inch off or three inches off. You can say that but just understand a haircut and a trim take about the same amount of time on your hair.

Don’t confuse your stylist, these pictures say it all!

Avoid a bad hair cut

The goal is to help you get the look you want so your goal should be to explain what you want without being too confusing. But if you feel something bad is about to happen to your hair, just leave. I would rather even pay for nothing than a bad haircut if it came down to that! 

After all is said and done, a bad haircut sucks! Save money on something else but not on your haircut! Find someone who will take their time with you and who will make you fall in love with your hair! And then stick with them. 

I hope this helps you in asking for a haircut you want with realistic expectations of course. If you have some bad haircut stories, please tell me below. If you are a stylist, please comment below and tell clients the kind of thing that is confusing and how to ask for what they want in an understandable way to you. Thank you for reading and please share this article with your friends.

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