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hair ideas for the bride

As the wedding season approaches, busy brides have more on their mind than hair. "However, what’s the number one thing I hear former brides say they would take a time-machine to go back and change? Nope, never the bridesmaid dresses or seating arrangements... It's the hair! Really, nearly every bride wishes she could go back and change her big-day hairstyle."

In hopes of helping you become one of those rare brides who can look back and love her hair, I’d like to share a few bits of wisdom learned over the years:

Let’s Start with Color

Trending Styles

Hair color trends change all the time and, depending on how fast you like your fashion, your own color probably fluctuates frequently enough, too. Because of the ease in which we shift colors and shades, you might assume sporting a trendier tone will, at the worst, allow you look back on wedding day pictures with a touch of wistfulness at your once bold and youthful style.

Unfortunately, I rarely hear clients whole-heartedly embrace wedding pictures that feature out of date styles. So, how to feel stylish now without experiencing future regret?

Consider embracing a “classic” version of your current color to ensure wedding day pictures that stand the test of time. For example, if your current color is black-to-blonde ombre, you might soften the difference between the two tones, for a look you can enjoy now and later.

Be Careful with New Color

Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but brides often regret last minute processing. Simply put? Right before your wedding isn’t the best time to try going platinum.

If you’re determined to try out a bombshell shade, plan on doing so three months before your wedding so that your stylist has enough time to treat any damage. Additionally, should the color not turn out as you’d hoped, there’s plenty of time to schedule extra sessions that can help you achieve your desired look.

Lastly, be sure to book any touch-ups a week before to avoid that too-brassy look. Remember, classic beauty is timeless — have no regrets!

Wedding Day Hair Styles

More than I hear regrets of hair color, I hear brides who hated their wedding hairstyle. Let's get straight down to solving this problem:

  1. Find a hairdresser who specializes in wedding hair styling. I don’t do wedding hair styling at all or any event styling whatsoever! I do color and cuts and I write about hair. Go to someone who loves doing wedding hair styles and who has pictures to prove it.
  2. Ask around if anyone knows a stylist they can recommend and be sure to ask if they were late seeing them on their wedding day. I understand things happen but if someone has that reputation you’ll want to know before it’s too late.
  3. Bring a picture of what you want and a picture close to that of what you don’t want. That really helps to understand your clear vision.
  4. Do a full trial of the wedding day hairstyle you plan to have. Yes, it will cost extra but being unhappily surprised with an uncomplimentary style is worse. And if you hate it? No problem! Schedule another trial-styling.
  5. Take pictures with your full hair and makeup on your trial run. A picture is what you will look back on and (trust me!) sometimes what looks good at first glance gives a different impression when photographed. Pictures also give you the opportunity to show your stylist anything you did or didn’t like on the first run.
  6. Remember to ask your stylist how to prep your hair the night before the wedding and do this before your practice appointment as well.  Some might have you wash it the night before and put lots of moose in it while others will want to wash and style it themselves. One of my clients had a destination wedding and the stylist told her to skip the conditioner the night before. Alternatively, I know my hair holds curls very well and would use conditioner on top of a morning wash for an extra-fresh feel. Everyone is different, be sure your stylist understands you.

Set Your Hair with the Right Products

Your overall style needs to be set up for long-staying success from the start, down to using the correct shampoo. For weddings, I would always suggest a volumizing shampoo. It holds the least moisture, it keeps your hair on the dryer side which is good for styling your hair and making it last as long as possible.

Beautiful hair from the bottom up

I love when hair is shiny and free of split ends. Even if you don’t plan to do too much styling, you can still get a good hair treatment and a trim to ensure your locks look beautiful on your big day.

And then of course we have hairspray

Hairspray should be sprayed a little at a time and then it needs to fully dry and then you can spray some more and let it dry again and keep adding as you like in that manner. If you keep spraying your hair it just gets wet and heavy.

My favorite hairspray is Joico Power Spray because it has a strong hold but it is very easy to brush out as well. It’s not just for your wedding day but great for everyday use to finish your style off.

Stuff Happens (When You Least Expect It)

What if it’s windy and your hair falls apart or your curls loosen or what if it rains? What if you over hair sprayed your hair and it starts to weigh down your style? Your emergency hair kit to the rescue!

Every bride-to-be should bring backup stuff in a clear bag so what you need is easily found by whoever's looking for it at any given time during your big day. It’s the easiest way to prevent extra stress. The second easiest? Put extra stuff in there for your bridesmaids, too! Here’s your emergency backup kit countdown:

  1. Clear bag for your back up hair tools
  2. Curler or flat iron (depending on your style)
  3. Hairspray
  4. Bobby pins or clips
  5. Comb and brush
  6. Hair ties

And if the weather forecast is possible showers, it goes without saying you’ll need an umbrella on standby as well.

Any Tips or Horror Stories to Share?

I hope all of this will help you have no regrets for years to come when looking back at your wedding pictures!

If you have some particularly bad or hair-raising wedding day style stories to tell, please share them below so we can all learn what to avoid. And if you are a hairdresser with something to add? Please share in the comments as well.

Thanks for reading and please share with any brides to be!

Photo credit: Dima Chmut Photography. Hair color by Julia Belzetsky on Eileen Venikov

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