Hair Tips And Debates During Quarantine

Hair tips and debates during quarantine

Who would have ever thought our country or the world would be in quarantine but unfortunately we are. People are making memes on every topic regarding this time but the hair ones are hilarious! Let us address the topic so we don't end up in one ourselves.


All of a sudden i want my hair done

Why all of a sudden is everyone itching to touch their hair? Maybe it's because it feels like time is standing still and we need some change in our lives? Women, in particular, feel refreshed when they do something with their hair, to us it feels like some stress has been lifted. This is why some women change their hair after a major life event or during change in general. Also when they reach a personal goal they seal the deal with a new hairdo! 

tips for hair during quarantine

But My Hair Salon Is Closed

As we have heard by now most hair salons are closed since in many states they are considered a non-essential business. People are staying home and getting itchy to do their own hair. And this is where the funny hair memes are born from, telling clients to put down their scissors and don't you dare touch that box dye. Most of us can handle not getting our hair done for 3-6 months thanks to the balayage technique that lots of people have these days. But how about for those clients that are still working and like to get their greys touched up every month? 

Ask Your Hairdresser For Advice

If you are in need of a service like a root touch up I suggest reaching out to your hairdresser and consulting with them. I am seeing some hairdressers send a one-time color kit to their clients for them to touch up their own hair.  Or perhaps they will recommend a hair conditioner that comes with pigment to refresh your color. This might not be a service they provide after their salon opens up again but I have seen stylists promote this now.

If you are a hairdresser comment below and share your opinion on this, I have also seen lots of debates on this topic online and some hairdressers are against this idea. 

Why hairdressers are against you box dying your hair

There are two sides, some hairdressers are against it because the box dyes that are sold in stores say that this tube will make your hair look like this color in the picture and it usually doesn't because the company selling the product does not know your hair color, your hair history, your hair texture or your hair condition. If your hair turns out bad or damaged then your hairdresser has to book extra time to fix that. And it is not usually an extra hour. That's the service that is called a color correction that usually starts at $100 an hour and at times it is very unpredictable. 

Side two

Some hairdressers are saying if you choose to box dye your hair during this time that it is okay and for you not to worry because they will gradually take your hair back to where you would like it even if it takes a year. Some are saying they won't charge you for color correction. The only thing I can add to that personally is if it takes your hair three appointments or a year of gradual services to get back to your goal hair, it still will cost you more then to come into your salon after a couple of months of grow-out and get a touch-up. 

Stylist and clients please comment below and share what's your opinion on this topic. 

how to color my hair during quarantine

What can I do in the meantime

I suggest during this time if it is possible to give your hair a break from color, hot tools and from dry shampoo, then do it! Remember if hydrating shampoo moisturizes our hair then dry shampoo drys it out. I myself overuse it more than necessary and can't say it's a good thing. Right now I am taking the time to do masks on my hair every week or every other week. I love using the Olaplex #3 hair treatment it's very popular because it works great and the healthier your hair is the better it will color in the salon. 

Olaplex hair mask for home

Who can use it

Olaplex can be used on any hair tyoe

How to use it

  • Simply wet your hair or shampoo it and squeeze out all the water.
  • Apply Olaplex #3 all over but especially where you have the most damage or dryness.
  • Leave on for 20-45 minutes but you can leave it on longer.
  • Use a shampoo cap or plastic bag if you want the product to work longer and stronger.
  • The last step is to shampoo the Olaplex out and condition your hair.

You can always use the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner as well if you need extra help with your hair. And remember you don't have to commit to it, use it till the bottles run out then try something new. Perhaps you will realize it really changed your hair and then you can continue using it. The Olaplex #3 you can switch to using it every 3-4 weeks once you feel your hair is getting healthier. 

Popular Hair Masks that work great

Loma Deep Conditioner - For any hair type

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask - For thicker or course hair


AG Reconstruct Mask 

Joico Defy Damage 

It's a 10 Mask

Thank you for reading, I hope it helps you understand the current situation on this topic, and please comment below if you disagree with anything above or found anything helpful, let's chat hair stuff! 

Photo credit: Pille-Riin Priske, Omid Armin, Andrea Vivas, Luis Quintero, Amanda Lanser

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