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Hair color ideas for fall

Well fall is finally here, and we all know what that means, time to change our hair color. Seems like that’s what everyone likes to do! So let me help you change it up with the least possible damage and give you some helpful tips on how to go about it.

While it’s fun for us to change up our hair color, makeup and clothes for fall we also don’t want it to cost us an arm and a leg. Personally I like to buy things that will last me for a while and same goes with my hair. If I change it up for the fall, I know I’m going to change it up for the new year and then again when it starts getting sunny for summer. Luckily I just change the tone of my blonde to a little darker or lighter and add a few extra blonde pieces here and there. But if you like a drastic change here are some things to keep in mind:

What to consider when changing your hair drastically

Remember if you are changing your hair drastically for fall like going from blonde to brown, it’s not as simple as you think. Any change in color can be considered a color correction, and those can get pricey. For instance, when going from blonde to brown hair color your stylist might have to fill in all your hair with a special color called a filler and then after that apply your desired color. That’s the correct way of going from a very light color to a darker color. It’s not necessary in every case but in many. So if your stylist says that has to be done, then pay the extra money and get it done. Because without that, your color can turn out very dull or even grey…probably the opposite of what you wanted for fall.

If you are changing your hair from a darker color and going lighter for the fall, this can also be a major service. You might want to start out with something subtle like a balayage or some highlights and go lighter with every hair service.

When going from one color to a complete opposite it can take a few times so be patient and trust your stylist if they are telling you it can’t happen in just one service. Someone recently told me that their stylist said they couldn't change their hair all in one day. And the client wouldn't take no for an answer, and in the end the clients' hair didn't turn out anything close like the picture they brought. In these types of situations, I have learned not even to start if the client isn't ok with what I’m saying. I’d rather have that space empty, and the client probably disappointed. Rather than me starting something I know will not turn out, working much longer than I expected, and calling the next client and rescheduling them. Plus not being able to charge for the extra long service what it’s actually worth. No client is going to want to pay for hair they didn't ask for in the beginning. (Even though every service that is provided needs to be charged for). So that’s why it’s important to stick with a hair service that your hair can handle and  you can afford. 

Trust me there is nothing better than to make lots of money and stylist like when you want more services. But if they know it’s not going to turn out in advance, no stylist will ever want to start something like that. That will result in people on both ends losing time, money, relationships, and in some cases their hair.

copper gold hair color idea for fall

A healthier way to change your hair color for fall

Whatever you decide to do for your new fall look there is always healthier ways of doing it.

I always recommend going to a salon to get your hair done. But if you aren't and plan on doing it yourself, then first read my article on box hair color so you can see why going to a salon might be better in the long run.

Make sure your hairdresser is using a demi-permanent hair color on you, that way when you are ready to change your hair again it will be possible. Unless you have grey hair, then your stylist will be using permanent hair color for better coverage. And even then your ends that are already colored should be refreshed with a demi-permanent color instead of the permanent. That’s if you are someone who changes their hair color from dark to light. However, there are some exceptions, like in the picture above I use permanent color on my sister's hair to lighten her new growth to the desired color.

You can always do subtle changes like going a little lighter with highlights or going a little darker with lowlights. Or asking for a shade or two darker or warmer if you like the darker look for fall. This year I plan to go a little lighter on my highlights for fall, but I’ll keep my roots darker for a bigger contrast.

Remember if you plan on going lighter for the summer these tips will come in handy. It’s much easier to change your hair color when it’s colored correctly.

Keep your hair hydrated during fall

When your hair is hydrated and healthy, it’s easier to change the color as well. Keep it healthy with my very favorite must have products for any hair type:

I mention these products in lots of my articles because I feel like they work the best, and you can see and feel the difference. It’s important to use the right products in your hair to help your color last longer. And most importantly keeping it in the best shape to be able to change your color next time around.

I hope you found this article helpful! I’d love for you to share it and let me know what you think below. Do you change your hair color for fall?

Image credit: Angela Belzetsky, Hair by Julia Belzetsky

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