Blow Dry Your Hair In Half The Time

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Do you dread washing your hair because of how long it takes to dry and style it after? I know I do! Having tools that work and get the job done in less time is something anyone could wish for. When you go the store and see 20 blow dryers how do you know which one to buy? Hopefully, my observation will help with some of these questions.

A blow dryer to me is one of the most important tools I own! I blow dry my hair after every time I wash it, even if it’s at 2am I will still blow dry my hair all the way! I blow dry my clients hair all day long as well, so something mediocre will not do for me. I have gone through so many blow dryers then I can even mention. Recently I have discovered the mother of all blow dryers and it’s beautiful too!

Cricket Ultra Smooth Professional Dryer Features and Perks

  • The filter inside the blow dryer is infused with Argan Oil and Keratin Protein to help infuse INCREDIBLE SHINE, and it works too!
  • It’s compact and lightweight, weighing in at only 16 ounces.
  • It has high heat and high power drying with the airflow up to 59 MPH with a professional DC motor.
  • It has three heat settings, two speeds and a cool shot button.
  • Comes with concentrator attachment that I recommend using so hair won’t tangle due to the strong air flow.
  • It has 1875 Watts and comes with a long cord.
  • Did I mention the beautiful sleek design in tan and gold? This is one beautiful dryer that does the trick!

blow dry your hair in half the time

Protect your hair from heat damage

I know we always hear people saying it’s bad to blow dry your hair all the time, but I do and my hair is just fine. People even ask me how I get my hair so shiny.

I defiantly always use a heat protector on my hair. Any shine serum I use acts as a heat shield, and right now I am using AG deflect fast-Dry Heat Protection. This product is fantastic; one of those products that after the first use I noticed a difference. AG products tend to do that. They get you with how good they work. Anyone can use this on any hair type. Just spray on your damp clean hair and blow dry.

Blow dryer cons:

The row of buttons are right where you hold it, and you tend to push other buttons when blow drying the hair.  Most blow dryers, unfortunately, have their buttons there, so I’m used to it.

Where to get it:

Amazon and Loxa Beauty

What to look for in your next blow dryer

Weight: You want your blow dryer to be as light as possible, so your hands don’t get exhausted. If you are tired, you will just give up on blow drying your hair all the way. I like to blow dry my all the way to get the most volume out of it. Also, your hair should be 100% dry before you use any other hot tools that way your hair does not burn.

Speed and Heat: If your blow dryer gets hot but doesn't blow strong air it will not dry fast and vise versa. You need both strong speed and hot heat to get the maximum results.

I hope this helps cut your blow drying time in half so you can get on with your day as fast as possible. If you have used this blow dryer, please comment below on what you think about it. Thank you for reading and please share if you found this helpful. 

Image credit: Lana Sky Photography

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