50 Shades Of Blonde

different shades of blonde hair color

There are so many shades of blonde hair color out there that it almost makes it impossible to explain the color we really want. Trust me every time I hear “I want platinum hair color,” it’s always something completely different.

Blonde hair color is extremely beautiful and will always be popular. Creating blonde hair color is like an art in itself. There are so many shades out there, and each one is pretty in its own way. I tend to find that we go with a shade of blonde on someone we follow or if it's on our favorite celebrity. I know that’s what I do! But here is a little list and description of blonde shades out there you can make your own.

Shades of Blonde hair color

  • Platinum Blonde
  • Ash Blonde
  • Natural Blonde
  • Golden Blonde
  • Beige Blonde
  • Sandy Blonde
  • Honey Blonde
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Caramel Blonde

And the list goes on and on. Every color line has a special name for all the blonde color tones they carry, and if I list them all, you will be even more confused.

Platinum blonde, ashy blonde, natural blonde, golden blonde, beige blonde, sandy blonde, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, caramel blonde

Remember there can be many levels of brightness or darkness of the colors shown in each picture as well. 


Blonde hair can get confusing when trying to explain what you really want. What if you say, “I just want a golden blonde hair color.” Well, believe it or not but there are different levels of that color as well. Like a light golden blonde, or a medium golden blonde and then a dark golden blonde. It’s better to be as specific as possible before getting your hair colored, and pictures are great for that. Even though, hair doesn't always turn out like in the picture for many reasons but it’s a great reference for your stylist to refer to. If you want to know more about why your hair color doesn't always turn out exactly how you want it, check out the article What Every Stylist Wished You Understood.

Have fun with your blonde hair and remember changing the tone of your hair isn't always too difficult. Sometimes it's just a matter of using a different toner or using a color enhancing shampoo. However, sometimes it's not, sometimes it needs to be recolored altogether.

Color enhancing shampoos

Blonde hair color can fade into different tones for many reasons. It could fade from the sun or your hot tools and even from hot water. It could fade from using a shampoo that isn't specially made to keep your blonde color lasting. It also will fade over time. Hair color, usually, starts to fade even after just a few washes so keep in mind that that's normal. But there are great color enhancing shampoos out there to help your color stay the way you like it.

  • To keep your hair on the cooler side like ash or platinum use a purple shampoo to cancel out any golden or brassy tones. My favorite is AG-Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo.
  • If you want your blonde hair to be more on the beige side then use Sunglitz Beige Blonde Color Enhancing Shampoo. That is the one I use when my blonde hair starts to get too light. I apply the beige shampoo to slightly deposit a deeper richer tone into my hair.  
  • If you love the golden blonde tones in your hair try Sunglitz Golden Blonde Color Enhancing Shampoo. It's subtle and will not make your hair neon yellow or anything. It will give your hair a golden glow.
  • If you always wanted to try strawberry blonde hair color, then Sunglitz Strawberry Blonde Color Enhancing Shampoo is great for that. Or if you get your hair colored that tone but want it to last longer as we know those tones fade fast! The strawberry blonde hair color picture in the collage is of my sisters' hair. I color it that color and then she maintains it with this shampoo. Even when we color her hair a darker copper color she still uses this shampoo to keep some of the warm color in. Don't be scared of it looking so vibrant in the bottle, it's very subtle on the hair and won't turn hair red or anything. 

Platinum blonde hair color on long hair

How to use Color enhancing shampoos

The color enhancing shampoos I listed above are all very subtle and gentle, and you see the results the more you use them. If you want a stronger deposit of color then leave the shampoo in longer. If you feel like the color is where you want it then start using it less often. You can start by using the shampoo every time you wash your hair and after you like how the color looks then start using it every other time or less if necessary. You will see how it works and figure it out for your own hair. Below are a few simple steps how to apply it:

  1. First shampoo your hair with your regular color safe shampoo. (Hair should be shampooed twice).
  2. Then shampoo your hair with the color enhancing shampoo and leave it on for 1-3 minutes or more if you feel like you need it after trying in once. Rinse well because it tends to get very foamy.
  3. Squeeze out all the water from your hair and apply your conditioner from the ends working your way up as far as you like. 

I hope this gave you a little insight on blonde hair color and how to maintain or change up the shades.For more on how to care for your blonde hair color check out my article Blondes Only.

Thanks for reading this article, please share, and comment below if I can answer any questions for you.

Image credits: Fervent-adepte-de-la-mode, last image: Hair by Julia Belzetsky

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