The Hair Color Transformation Challenge


Ever wonder how your hair has changed over the years? Was it always great, or was there a time where you thought "What was I thinking"? Where you going for a hair transformation, or did you simply want to update your look? Well, whatever the cause or the outcome, we want to see it! Read on to accept the Hair Color Transformation Challenge!

Fashion Hair Color Frenzy: What To Expect From Bold Colors


Do you dream of fantasy hair colors such as soft pastels or bold, bright pink, but worry the trend will fade? Turns out, the fashion hair color frenzy is growing stronger than ever!

Clients of all ages who never thought they could make the leap are now asking for lavender or silver hair. There’s just one problem: Most are totally clueless of the pastel-color process and the cost it can take to get there.

Have trouble sleeping? Here’s how to beat insomnia.


Do you regularly have a hard time falling asleep? Do you stay up all night before an important event? Do you struggle to nod off any time you know that you’ll have to wake up early the next day?

How To (Gracefully) Go From Black Or Brunette To Blonde


Us ladies just want to change our hair, and that’s never going to change. We dream of deep, rich and dark colors one day, then right back to blonde the next.

For someone who hasn’t gone through dramatic shifts in shades, this might seem like a process that’s doable all in one go. But if you’ve ever had your hair taken from dark to anything light? You know it’s a major process—one that can get ugly if not done right.

How To Grow As A New Stylist


Comparing yourself to a stylist who’s made it big time can feel overwhelming. You might find yourself questioning if it’s even possible to get to that level! And if so… how long will it take?  Even wondering what they could have done to be so successful?

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